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The Future of sex is Remote, connected and Immersive.


Sex is a basic biological drive for almost all animals. However, as humans, there are morals and laws that prevent us from humping the first attractive person we see. As we have evolved, sometimes it is necessary to spend considerable time away from your chosen sexual partner. In the past, if you did not want to cheat, masturbation was the only answer. The constant march of technological progress has provided a new answer, remote sex.

Remote sex can be divided into three core categories: a combination of virtual reality, holographic projections, and haptics; sex dolls or robots; and teledildonics or smart sex toys. The most immersive option is use of a haptic suit to enable full-body tactile response. The user then interacts with their partner via virtual reality or via interactive, holographic representation of the partner. This option does not quite exist yet, but many of the pieces are falling into place that it could soon be a reality.

A variety of smart sex toys exist with more hitting the market all the time. These toys put a new spin on a lot of old favorites by adding Bluetooth and wireless functionality. This allows your partner to control your favorite toy from miles away. Many toys include haptic feedback so your response can in turn affect your partner as well.






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